3 Fave Formal Looks for 2018
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3 Fav Formal looks for 2018

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Formal season is approaching very quickly, and before we know it our Facebook feeds will be flooded with someone’s daughter in a ball gown, pinning that rose on her date! So if you are the mother of a year 12 student in 2018, don’t stress. I’m am offering formal styling services and showing my favourite fancy tricks for this season.

1.Black and Gold - Kendall Jenner Inspired

Now I am not personally a huge fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan however the younger two (Kendall and Kylie) are extremely popular with young women. I have noticed a few common trends Kendall tends to stick to - firstly she loves black, as do I. Black is timeless and elegant and your daughter won’t be regretting her colour choice if she picks a timeless colour like black. Kendall loves to pair black with gold accessories which is not only super easy to work with, but looks great. When selecting a formal colour scheme, your daughter may want to choose one block colour and a metal colour - eg. silver, gold ect. By pairing a low back black lace dress with gold, it’s a sure fire way to have your daughter look stunning. Pairing this with a classic red lip and some light brown shadow will really make the outfit pop. Pick a simple and classic heel.

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2. Nude and Rose Gold - Kylie Jenner Inspired

If black isn’t her colour, have no fear another popular colour this season is nude. Nude is a fabulous option for any skin tone and is really versatile. Pair an amazing nude number with rose gold and they’ll be the belle of the ball. Rose gold is super popular this season, which means it will BE easy to get your hands on. Pair with nude court heels and a monogrammed nude clutch from The Daily Edited and you’ll have everyone talking. In terms of makeup, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette would fit this colour scheme perfectly, and wear a nude lip to tie the whole ensemble together. Finish the look with some rose gold statement earrings and you’ll be picture perfect.

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3. Red and Silver - Gigi Hadid Inspired

If your daughter is chasing a more vibrant statement colour then look no further than red. Gigi Hadid knows how to nail red on the red carpet, so look to her for inspiration. Red can work on a variety skin tones and shapes and will make sure your daughter is turning heads at the formal! Choose a free flowing  number and pair with a matching pair of red pumps and a sparkly silver clutch. Highlight the dress with silver accessories. Choose a pair of statement silver earrings and statement silver ring. Pair this with an amazing matte red lipstick and some bouncy curls. Choose a corsage like a red rose and your daughter will be prepared for the best night ever.

Gigi Hadid Formal look Sustainable Styling

So there you have it, formal 2018 all sorted. I love picking classic and timeless pieces that will not date over time.

Let us handle the stress so you and your daughter can enjoy this time. Whether you are chasing a custom made, hired or new gown, I can help relieve the stress of formal season and help you Choose wisely so there are no tears on the big day and the dress gets to go to a few more balls.

Head to my services and get in touch. Lovelies if you and your daughter have been inspired by these looks please mention me @sustainablestyling  and tag me #sustainablestyling.  


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What the girls are wearing:

Blog page image of Gigi Hadid sourced from Pinterest.

Dresses in Image 1,2 and 3 are from Studio Minc and Jadore.

All other images have been sourced from pinterest.  

Karen Uhlmann