3 Cool Looks for a Corporate Chicks Day Off

Sustainable Styling 3 Looks for corporate chicks day off

3 Cool looks for Corporate Chicks Day Off

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A day off for a corporate chick is a precious commodity. So to help you instantly slip into day off mode here are 3 cool looks just for you!

1.  Denim shorts aren’t just for boho surf chicks. However finding a stylish pair can be a challenge. However I finally found a pair that I love and think you will too from ASSEMBLY LABEL check them out in my photo gallery. In fact ASSEMBLY LABEL is a perfect match for most corporate chick's as their garments are well made, purposeful and on point in style and price.

2. Smock dresses are like wearing a big hug! which is just what you want to give yourself on your day off. Apart from pjs I doubt there isn't another piece of clothing more comfy than an oversized smock dress. My favourite styles are these ultra sassy ones from @SUNDAY SOCIAL. Their smocks have a secret style weapon, a killer low cut back with a unique knot tie. They really are a gift that keeps on giving! I have worn mine to dinners, movies, picnics in the park and art openings. I literally get so many comments when I wear them that it starts to get bit embarrassing!

3. Culottes are a welcoming change from those highly structured business pants and skirts but they will still give you a polished look without all the fuss. All the leading fashion houses are constantly iterating the culotte and with so many labels coming on board with them this season, they won't be going away anytime soon.

If you are reading this and thinking "I could never wear culottes" or "they don't suit my body type" I'm here to challenge those thoughts! It's all about proportions and getting the right cut in the right fabric for your body shape. There are so many hybrids of the culotte now that I'm confident there is pair out there for you! Why not shout yourself a luxury experience on your next day off with one of my styling sessions. Head over to my game changing culottes blog to read more about why culottes are so damn stylish!

What will you be wearing on your next day off? Please keep me posted by mentioning @sustainablestyling and tagging @sustainablestyling. Down time is essential for staying on top and showing up! So don't forget to take care of the most important job at hand looking after yourself.



Outfit Details

Denim shorts and stripe top Assembly label

navy wool t'shirt merino country white|pink|denim culottes & blue/white crosses, pink gingham and red velvet top made by dressmaker fabric from spotlight stores & the fabric store

Karen Uhlmann