Get Your 3 Daily Yoga Poses WEEK 3

Get Your 3 Daily Yoga Poses WEEK 3


Welcome to GET YOUR 3 Daily Yoga Poses; the start of your home practice and yoga journey. 

I've designed GET YOUR 3 daily yoga poses to help 

you succeed at developing a regular yoga practice 

that's meant to be SAFE-EASY-FUN-QUICK-STRESS FREE and should take less than 1 minute a day! 

As we know healthy habits can be really hard to practice 

over the long term. 

Therefore we need to approach change (in all aspects of life) 

with bite-size actions. That way you won't be relying too much 

on self control which as humans we instinctively fight against 

all the time. 

What’s in the download:

  • 3 yoga poses that I release every Sunday 7:00pm EST. LIVE on Instagram (make sure you set your alarms and join me)

  • How to start your home yoga practice and safety tips

  • And you get access to me- a qualified health professional and yoga teacher.

GET YOUR 3 is an ongoing program that I have designed

just for YOU which doesn’t set you up to fail like many other

health challenges. Unlike a personal trainer I am instructing

you to do less not more. My reason being, over time a small healthy habit adds up to being a sustainable change that fosters more change.

Please don’t be shy! Share your comments, pics and journey with me

via Instagram and Facebook . Congrats on making the first move to a healthy sustainable change.



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