Sustainable Styling Checklist

Sustainable Styling Checklist


Hey Guys! Are you into sustainable styling but don't really know where to start? Well, I have made starting your sustainable styling journey a whole lot easier for you. What's even better, when you download my checklist you will also receive 25% off all styling services how cool is that!

Below is what you can expect to learn from this checklist:

  • How to make conscious choices before buying

  • How to minimise waste in your wardrobe

  • How to feel an emotional connection with your clothes

  • How to be eco and ethically friendly with your fashion to elevate your style

  • And so much more!

What do you get in this checklist?

  • Our sustainable styling checklist

  • We break down the checklist for you so you get as much information as possible.

We hope that after you read this checklist you will feel more confident to begin your own sustainable styling journey.

Download now to enjoy our checklist. See you later fashionistas.   




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