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& Relax! could a yoga/ activewear have a better name? Their mission is making relaxation a priority. I especially love this brand because it's designed by a yogi for yogis'. But in saying that their garments  aren't just built for downward facing dogs but for all kinds of activity and occasions.

So what's the "so what Factor " about &Relax . Let's begin by talking about their tights. The standout feature is no camel toe YASS! . The high waistband is so comfy you won't believe me when I say they are soft but supportive around the tummy! And check out the decorative waistband, very unique don't you think? the digital prints are from hand drawings created by the label's founder Jeanette Proctor.

Secondly pair these fab tights with a & relax muscle tank and you will be feeling the zenest of vibes from head to toe while you're relaxing in savasana or shopping with your girls. My & Relax tanks are not only my favourite go to yoga tops but they've become my no.1 running singlet as well.

It's the fabric choice and design of these tanks that have earned them a top spot. The combination of 100% soft cotton fabric with the generous open side panels allows my skin to breathe and my body temp to stay cool.

You can also create high street looks with these pieces by either:

1. chucking on a pair of jeans or cut off denim shorts with one of their tanks

2. throw an oversized Khaki shirt or acid wash open buttoned shirt over the tights and tank and hello! you've got a super chilled but STYLISH weekend wardrobe.

Hands up if you want to create new looks with your wardrobe and learn how to pair even the least likely clothes together?  I'm talking about bending the rules; like teaming an active wear piece with an after 5 one. Sounds like fun right? You can achieve anything you want with a wardrobe reinvention. Head to my services before you go and buy new stuff that you think you need.

I'd love to help you feel & look great without needing to spend a cent on new clothes which I know will make you feel even more relaxed!

With our busy lives getting even more hectic, it's important that we give ourselves time out to slow down and relax in order to stay fabulous and  & relax wear can help you get there! 

How do you stay relaxed ? Please share your relaxation tips with me by mentioning @sustainablestyling #sustainablestyling. Lovelies please don't forget to look after yourselves and make sure to make time to RELAX!



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