Three fab ethical jeans you should know.

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When we think of jeans, Levi's Jeans is probably the first brand that pops to mind. Yes there is no denying the fact that after 140 years, they are still the market leaders of denim and more recently sustainability. 

However I want to shine the spotlight on THREE independent labels that are making gorgeous denim lines that utilise sustainable practices in their creation. let's take a look.

1. Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans are a Swedish brand, and unlike the Swedish furniture giant IKEA, they live and breathe sustainable practices. Their Jeans are made from 100% organic cotton and preach social responsibility.

Sustainable Styling ethical jeans

They even have a production guide on their website WHICH discloseS where each kind of garment is made. This level of transparency is pretty impressive just like their edgy cuts and styles that will suit any body shape.  Shop the Look

Sustainable Styling Nudie jeans

2. Nobody Denim

Not only are these guys killing it with their sustainable Jeans options but they are extra amazing because they are Australian! This Melbourne based brand make super luxurious stretch denim that will make you never want to take off your jeans. This brand is also super accessible for my Aussie readers as they can be found in a variety of Australian stores like David Jones, Myer and General Pants. 

Sustainable Styling ethical jeans

I love their latest COHx Signature 24/7 campaign  which they describe as an exploration of personal wardrobe foundations and sustainability. This season they have collaborated with Chronicles of Her  to delve into the significance of the meaning of signature style, a subject area which, hand on heart, I almost LOVE more than my cat,children,hubby and yoga. if you are keen to rock your signature style but you lack confidence, head over to my services page  and shop the look .

Sustainable Styling Chronicles of her

3. Outland Denim

Outland Jeans not only produce incredible premium denim jeans, they have taken ethical fashion to whole other level.

Sustainable Styling ethical jeans

Their business model sounds more like  a not for profit organisation than a fashion label in the sense that they train and employ women who have been rescued from human trafficking & exploitation in Asia. The Australian recently quoted "Outland Denim sets the highest bar for the fashion industry".

You can tell just by looking at their jeans that they're a quality product so wait until your try a pair on! That's when the real quality is actualised, especially if you are short waisted like me. Clearly they have done a lot of work to ensure the waist line sits not too high or low on most body types. Shop the look.

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There you go lovelies, you've now got three ethical brands of jeans to check out. Not only will they elevate your style game but also give you peace of mind, knowing that their makers haven't been exploited in the process.

Even though jeans fade over time our love for denim will not. Therefore It’s my recommendation to buy well so you aren’t buying as often. Don't forget the most sustainable denim of all is the vintage kind. If you're on the hunt for your dream pair of vintage 501s watch this space for my next blog which will explore three vintage jeans suppliers that you need to know.

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Here's to happy denim days!


K xo


Image 1,2,3: Nudie Jeans

 Image 4,5,6,7: Nobody Denim

 Image 8,9,10,11: Outland denim

 Image 12,13,14: A vintage Splendour  General Store   Urban Outfitters

Karen Uhlmann