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Who else is looking forward to watching some figure skating, olympic freestyle skiing and the face down head first skeleton at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in the frosted land of PyeongChang (POCOG)?

To celebrate the winter games I've selected 3 ski clothing brands that are at the top of the medal tally for sustainable clothing and for making the world a better place. 

1. Gold Medal |Vaude

This German family owned ski clothing label look after both people and the planet. Vaude's products are functional, environmentally-friendly and are made from sustainable materials like natural wood, PVC-free/ recycled items and zero fluorocarbon waterproofed textiles.

The whole production chain is climate-neutral and in accordance with fair work conditions. The criteria for the label is strict and transparent, which is why they have gained the leading position in sustainability for outdoor brands on Rank a Brand. With this list of outstanding achievements it's pretty clear that the gold medal goes to them.

With Vaude you'll get the "nod" of respect from the hard core backcountry experts and envious eyes from the stylish apre' skiing set.  

Sustainable styling Vaude

Silver Medal | Patagonia

In second place we have a label most of you will be very familiar with. It's great to see such a big brand start their own sustainable journey and return to where their creators began; a band of climbers and surfers that were passionate about promoting the minimalist lifestyle.

They haven't quite reached the heights in sustainability that Vaude have achieve, however they have openly recognised their business activities e.g from lighting their stores to dyeing shirts are causing air and water pollution as a by product. This is a big step forward and definitely the right step for the longevity of the environment that's served this brand very well. The good news is they are working steadily to reduce harmful practices. For example they have started using recycled polyester in many of their clothes, and only organic, rather than pesticide-intensive, cotton.

Rank a brand have given them a “C” label on their sustainability Leaderboard which is a solid starting point. As I state on my homepage  "every step towards sustainability is a valid one".

Sustainable Styling Patagonia

Bronze Medal | Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing maybe third in the medal tally, but they definitely outshine their podium buddies in the creative space. This French brand has brought edgy urban chic style to the slopes. Even though this label may appear to only care about the latest fashions, they are serious to the bone about sustainability.

Their approach to sustainability is very inspiring. From the start of the design phase, the creators consider the recyclability of their product right to the "end of life" stage of the item. I am so in love with this double pattern look that gives the impression of a onesie. Yes guys 80s inspired fashion is also returning to the pistes. 

Sustainable Styling Picture Organic Clothing

So here are my gold, silver and bronze medal presentations in the sustainable outdoor sportswear category. Even though this medal ceremony is now over, it's not over for you and your sustainable clothing journey. Want more styling tips? check out my other blogs  and if need support with buying ski gear or with organising your travel wardrobe pop over to my services .

I hope I have inspired you to look further into these labels and your own sustainable journey. Please share your gold, silver and bronze award winners with me by mentioning @sustainblestyling and tagging #sustainablestyling .

Lastly lovelies you might be wondering how "green" will the games be? POCOG plan to be “net positive ”which means the carbon emissions that the Games will create, will be offset through renewable practices to deliver a carbon neutral event.

I really hope to see the Aussie team members be competitive, set personal bests or do a Bradbury . I've left you with that Olympic hall of fame moment as reminder that luck and love is all you need. Enjoy the games.



Blog Image sourced: Home|AusTeam|PYEONG CHANG

Gridlay 1|vaude: product photos from vaude

Gridlay 2|Patagonia: product Photos from patagonia

Gridlay 3|Picture organic Clothing: product photos from Picture organic clothing

 Ski accessories & Vintage posters sourced from Pinterest.

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