Trends 2018 | 5 Chic Colour Combos You'll Be Craving

Sustainable Styling colour combos winter 2018

Rather than talk about individual colours making a splash this Autumn|Winter, I thought I would share my top five colour combos that won the hearts of fashion lovers at this year's New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks. I'm so excited to see some of my favourite colours return that have been pushed to the back of my wardrobe for years. Let's take a look.

1. Baby Pink and Brown

This combination Is definitely the power couple of colours hitting the streets this A|W. Blush tones, baby pink, rose pink all tie back wellwith shades of brown like tobacco, cinnamon and chocolate. It might appear as though these two colours have just been randomly thrown together, but there is nothing random about this pair. Pink and brown are neighbouring colours on the colour wheel hence why they look gorgeous together.


Pink and Brown both give an impression of calmness and suit most complexions so it's no surprise that it's a winning formula. For best results let one colour be the hero and the other a supporting one. Asymmetry is always more interesting.

Sustainable Styling 5 colour combos 2018

2. Lilac & Spicy Orange

I have always had a secret love for lilac despite it's nanna-like status. as such I was over the moon to see it's chicness being rediscovered by the top designers in their 2018 collections.

As for spicy orange it has always been an Autumn favourite but but this year it is looking as fresh as ever next to it's pale purple companion. This colour combo packs a powerful but playful punch. Being opposites on the colour wheel they provide a visual contrast giving you an elegant but edgy look in one.

Sustainable Styling Colour Combos Winter 2018
Sustainable Styling Colour combos Winter 2018

Don’t forget you can create any of these colour combos with accessories instead of clothes using belts, scarves, shoes and bags. I found this lilac belt at a local op shop that has a 1980's Carnaby St vibe for $8.00. Thus You don’t need to spend a fortune or event buy brand new to style the latest looks. 

Head down to your local op shop to colour match like a pro. For more sustainable style tips download my free checklist and receive 25% all styling services which you can use on yourself or gift it to a friend or Mum for Mother's Day.

3.  Pale Blue and Mustard Yellow

For those unsure about how to wear mustard YELLOW, look no further. By pairing it with a pastel blue you can turn down it's warmth to suit your style tastebuds.

This colour crush keeps returning to the runways for good reason. Mustard yellow and baby blue are also complementary colours hence why they work and why designers who understand colour science continue to reimagine them together.

To nail this look simply follow the 80/20 rule. Use 80% of one colour and about 20% of the other one. What you want to avoid is equal proportions as it can look a bit like a school uniform (Kate Smith sensational colour ). Alternatively you can soften mustard yellow by placing it with a blue floral print, a light denim garment or play it safe with mustard yellow accessories.

4. Hot Pink and Forest Green

I am so loving hot pink and forest green for a change from blush pink and red this season. Hot pink is just as tasteful as blush pink, especially when it's matched with a gorgeous dark green. Rich fuschia is an infectious colour and forest green has a mystery about it proving that opposites do attract.

Sustainable Styling  colour combos winter 2018

On their own these two colours can be matched back with other colours featured in this blog. For example forest green and baby pink creates a beautiful composition. Don’t forget to have lots of fun with this one and start auditing your wardrobe now for Winter. Not sure where to start? Head to my style services page to check out my wardrobe reinvention service.

5. Pink on Pink 

 The last colour match pink on pink is a surefire winner. Monochromatic pink ensembles were the clear favourites across catwalks and the crowds at the major fashion shows. As our obsession with pink continues we are seeing more interesting takes on everything pink in makeup, hair colour to homewares. i've selected a few key garments from the previous colour combos to create two very different monochromatic pink outfits.

Sustainable Styling colour combo Winter 2018

Light and dark variations of the same colour work a treat. To nail this look, wear the darker colour on the area of the body you would like to downplay and the lighter shade on where you want to catch the eyes and show off your best parts. You can also play with mixing textures e.g linen and silk to give it depth.

Sustainable Styling colour combos Winter 2018

There you have it lovelies my five favourite ways to combine the latest colours this season and beyond. if you would like more style support sign up to my monthly musings and receive 25% off all styling services. lastly Guys, I’d love to see how you style your colour combos, simply tag @sustainablestyling or #sustainablestyling to share the love. I'll leave you with my favourite colour combos from new york, Paris, London and milan Fashion Weeks. As you can see from the gallery below, bold colour combos are the new black!




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